About project

Client: Energy Distributor and Services Provider

Project Description: Strategic and organization planning processes, future state planning, and organizational change management


Futuristic regional energy distributor and services provider made the strategic decision to promote awareness, customer education, and energy conservation as alternative to vastly expanding production capacity to meet customer needs.  Associated with this strategy was the need for a fresh approach to marketing and customer experience including a division organized, equipped and staffed to support the customer awareness and service requirements of this new business strategy.  JTSA was engaged along with other internal and external organizational consultants to facilitate this change effort.


  • Conducted comprehensive organizational assessment including analysis of marketing and customer experience division structures, work processes and job assignments
  • Facilitated management retreats focused on better defining mission, vision sub-strategy of marketing and customer experience division under the new business strategy
  • Developed comprehensive “future state” organization plans and functional organizational charts of marketing/customer service division (including major subunits) to ensure function was fully designed and integrated, roles, responsibilities and requirements were appropriately defined, and work processes were established to provide maximum support to the new business strategy
  • Facilitated management retreats to review proposals, make appropriate adjustments, and gain management input and support of the “future state” plan
  • Facilitated staff retreats to communicate revised mission, vision, and strategy as well as future state implementation plan for the division


  • Restatement of mission, vision and sub-strategy for organizational division
  • Detailed organizational assessment
  • Detailed “future state” organizational plans (functional organization charts/process flow charts)
  • Change management planning and facilitation


This project introduced a structured methodology to organizational assessment, future state planning and change implementation that significantly improved management’s ability to create a marketing and customer experience division fully supportive of the company’s overall business strategy.  The fruits included overall concepts as well as detailed directions for moving from the old model to a new way of interaction, engagement and support of both internal and external customers.