About project

Client: Specialty Services Organization

Project Description: Benchmark and redefine base salary, premium pay and employee benefits programs


This public service organization provides services crucial to the well-being of affected communities.  However, given the highly special nature of the services provided by the enterprise, limited normative data was available regarding the compensation practices or the nature of employee benefit programs commonly offered by comparable employers.  As such, senior management and board of directors were struggling to assess cost effectiveness of its existing pay and benefit programs, and/or take appropriate action for improving the organization’s ability to attract and retain needed talent.


  • Worked with senior management to identify numerous organizations nationally and regionally that were similarly situated and provided similar services to constituent communities
  • Developed a custom survey instrument, methodology and reporting process for collecting benchmark data from similar employers pertaining to base pay, salary progression, premium pay, and common employee benefit programs
  • Solicited survey participation regionally and nationally amongst comparable employers and conducted comprehensive benchmarking survey
  • Tabulated survey results summarizing prevailing compensation practices pertinent to common job classes within the industry
  • Developed written summary report of survey findings and transmitted to each participating organization (as reward for participation)
  • Based upon this new benchmark information, updated salary structure and pay ranges for client organization to improve competitiveness and cost-effectiveness
  • Assisted senior management revise salary progression system based upon prevailing industry practices
  • Based upon custom survey results, provided recommendations regarding the breadth, scope and nature of existing premium pay programs as well as employee benefit plans


  • Created template for an ongoing national compensation survey program for the industry
  • Established data-driven parameters for client organization that would support human resource management objectives while simultaneously maintaining cost-effectiveness of those programs
  • Developed specific HR strategies appropriate to the local circumstances, as well as regional and national markets


This project removed much of the guess-work by helping this client, as well as other organizations participating in the custom survey process, to make better decisions based upon solid statistical information and sound management practices